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Hi, I'm Kemi. I'm the Owner and Director of The Alphabet House Nursery.
On behalf of everyone at The Alphabet House Nursery School, I would like to welcome you into our Website and hope that we are able to provide you with an insight into who we are and how we can ensure that your child gains the best educational experience and care possible with us.

Since inception in 1994, our goals have remained the same - to deliver you the Parent/Guardian with a high level of satisfaction by providing your child with excellent care and an enabling, learning environment at all times throughout each of our nurseries. We acknowledge that the early years is a very important stage in a child's life and therefore a good Nursery education plays a vital role in this fundamental stage in a child's development. This is why at The Alphabet House Nursery Schools our primary aim is to ensure that your child gets a solid foundation on which he/she will build on in later life.

I hope our website provides all the information you require. If not, do feel free to call or visit us for further information. We look forward to welcoming you.
Our nursery schools are open for 51 weeks throughout the year, operating 5 days a week from 8am to 6pm. We are closed during Bank holidays and Christmas and staff training days which parents are informed of. We are a paying provision for children from ages 3 months to 5 years, and we also provide funded hours for eligible 2 year old & 3- 4 year.
Our curriculum is based on The Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) which sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old. All schools and Ofsted-registered early years’ providers must follow the EYFS.
The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework supports an integrated approach to early learning and care. 

It gives all professionals a set of common principles and commitments to deliver quality early education and childcare experiences to all children.

Our Nursery practitioners will be working with each parent, sharing information about your child’s progress. Understanding what your child is doing when they are with others will help you to notice how well they are developing and learning. The part you play in their learning and the choices you make will make a difference to their future
Key features of our nurseries:
- Ofsted registered
- Key worker assigned to each child
- Childcare vouchers accepted
- 10% Sibling discount
Life at Alphabet House in Beckton
We Use the Famly App
Available on mobile and online, Famly is a new app we use to stay in touch, manage invoicing, and save us precious hours on our admin time here in the setting. Here’s what it will mean for you:
  • See photos, videos, and daily updates of your child
  • ​View updates on nappy changes, food intake & sleep
  • ​Receive important messages and notifications
  • ​Update contacts and key child information
  • ​Respond to parental permission requests
  • ​Report days off from home
  • ​Free to use
For more info visit www.famly.co
    Our Safe & Secure Facilities
    Our facilities provide state of the art security throughout, giving our parents complete peace of mind as to the safety of their precious children. 

    We have pin coded security entrances / exits ensuring your child is safe at all times. Each room has CCTV which is controlled and monitored by the Nursery Manager on an ongoing basis.
    "Very friendly staff, good hygiene measures, and clear and timely communication are the main factors that eased our anxiety in sending our child back to this nursery post lock-down period. The staff frequently update tips, activities and other useful information on their user friendly app. In addition, this app is also used to update information on the food that was served and how much did the child eat. This is a great feature as it reassures and helps in planning for the rest of the day."
    A Happy Parent
    "Staff are very professional and friendly. Always helpful. You get written feedback on a daily basis. My daughter has been going to this nursery since she was ten months old. Now she is nearly two years old. She learns something new every day, which really helps with her development. I don’t need to  worry if she has eaten because they get food served every two hours. So if your child doesn’t like a meal you can be certain that it will have a meal in the next two hours. All in all, I would really recommend it."
    A Happy Parent
    Feeding Your Little Ones
    At The Alphabet House Nursery, we completely understand the importance of healthy eating and nutrition for our children. We provide freshly prepared, carefully balanced, nutritious meals appropriate to each child's developmental stage. 

    We actively encourage our children to make healthy choices for their snacks which help them to develop their understanding of healthy eating whilst also growing their independence too. 

    We cater for all dietary requirements, special needs or religious beliefs – lactose intolerant, diabetes, celiac, gluten free, vegetarian or any other requirements. Rest assured that your child will only be given the appropriate and correct foods at all times.
    Early Start Nutrition Award
    Alphabet House Beckton has achieved the Early Start Nutrition Award – Bronze, showing our commitment to putting nutrition at the heart of our practice
    Each child is treated as an individual and with respect and these are values which we teach to all the children in our care. They learn to understand how we are all different and how we must always treat each other in a kind and caring manner.

    We work and partner with outside professionals and agencies such as the Local Authority Early Years Development Team; local play schools; local play groups; companies and all government initiatives to ensure that your child is receiving the highest level of education and support available.
    Values & Standards
    We involve parents in the education of their children in order to support and extend each child's learning and foster a climate of co-operation, respect and to promote mutual understanding. 

    A good relationship between the home and nursery is seen as being central to the children's success and development.

    Our team work in partnership with our parents and we encourage our open door policy whereby any parent may ask to see their child at any point during the day ensuring that we uphold good practice at all times. 
    Here's What Parent's Have To Say
    We LOVE our parents and carers and we're so proud to share some of their thoughts with you...
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